Get the best from your Electron Microscope

The EM Resolutions team have many years experience working in the Microscopy industry. We have been making high quality support films and calibration standards for over 20 years and now supply these and other consumables for Electron Microscopy direct to customers all over the world.

Quantifoil support films

NEW Quantifoil support films now available - ideal for automated electron microscopy


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TEM Support Films

Our wide range of holey and lacey support films and other coated grids      
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DiATOME diamond knives

Diamond knifeDiATOME diamond knives - new, exchange and re-sharpening   


ultra, cryo and histo  

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Gilder TEM grids

High quality TEM grids now available from EM Resolutions   

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Payment by Credit Card is welcomed


Attention! Service Engineers

NEW Multi-standards for SEM resolution testing. Save time and money! 


SEM Calibration

Gold on carbon and Tin on carbon standards for testing your SEM's resolution

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TEM Calibration

Oriented Gold Crystal standard

for testing your TEM's resolution



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Consumables for SEM

Stubs, adhesive tabs and more

A range of mounts now available


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 Corporate members of 

EDS calibration standards

NEW Combine our Resolution standards with a set of MAC EDS standards


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Graphene Oxide coated grids

Super thin Graphene Oxide (GO) support films are naturally hydrophilic


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Kleindiek Nanotools

Kleindiek micromanipulatorsNanomanipulators, in-situ Nanoprobing, in-situ AFM and high precision substages


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SEM Finder Grids

SEM finder grids from Gilder. 


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