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EM Resolutions was founded on our commitment to produce and deliver a range of high quality TEM Support Films that allow users to get the best results from their Electron Microscope. Our team have over 25 years’ experience in Support Film manufacturing & development and continuously work to meet the diverse needs of EM users. We believe in excellent customer service and support new and innovative research by Electron Microscopists globally.

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Nature Rev Drug Disc

Cryo-electron microscopy makes waves in pharma labs

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. @HenriquesLab giving the Keynote at the Scottish Microscopy Group Symposium. Excited to see what’s new with SRRF…

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Wilson Lab CVR

There is still time to apply for 2 postdoc positions (or similar) with us at the @CVRinfo in Glasgow. 1 position in…

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RSPCA (England & Wales)

Disappointing news: Last night MPs (a majority of 18) voted NOT to include animal sentience in the EU (Withdrawal)…

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EM Resolutions

Last talk of the day at Cryo Microscopy Group meeting with Ray Wightman, The Sainsbury Laboratory - "Developing cry…



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