Evactron Plasma Cleaners for the fast and effective decontamination of Electron Microscope chambers and specimens 

Plasma cleaning can markedly improve image quality and increase achievable image resolution in the Electron Microscope.
It improves clarity of specimen features and measurement accuracy.

How it works 

The Evactron plasma cleaner works by generating a plasma at a Plasma Radical Source (PRS) from which oxygen radicals flow through the chamber removing any unwanted hydrocarbon contamination they encounter. These radicals chemically react with hydrocarbons producing CO2 and H2O which are pumped out of the system at the pump port.

Available for use ‘on chamber’ or with a load lock on an SEM or FIB column or as a standalone SoftClean desktop unit.

Hydrocarbon contamination of specimens and chambers in Electron Microscopy can occur under a range of operating conditions and accelerating voltages resulting in a loss of optimal resolution. This can be particularly noticeable at low accelerating voltages of less than 5kV. Plasma cleaning provides a cost effective means of removing and minimising this contamination.

Fast cleaning times 

Plasma cleaning times can vary depending on the degree of contamination but typically 10-20 minutes is sufficient to clean most specimen surfaces. For highly contaminated surfaces in the chamber it will be necessary to use longer cleaning times to ensure a more in depth cleaning of key components. The Evactron cleaning process will safely decontaminate the chamber without damage to sensitive components such as EDS windows and EBSD detectors.

Lacey carbon support film BEFORE plasma cleaning in the Evactron SoftClean Chamber clearly shows contamination artifacts caused by examination in STEM mode (both from spot and scanning modes).

Lacey carbon before cleaning Lacey carbon before cleaning closeup

Lacey carbon support film AFTER plasma cleaning in Evactron SoftClean Chamber. Image shows that even after one minute of stationary electron beam exposure, no contamination is observed and the clean sample is preserved.

Lacey carbon after cleaning

For further information on NIST approved protocol for quantifying chamber clealiness download the paper here ‘Contamination Specification for Dimensional Metrology SEMs’

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