Learning to handle TEM grids and support films

EM Resolutions was pleased to support the RMS Electron Microscopy Summer School in July, hosted by LEMAS at the University of Leeds . The annual Summer School with tuition from leading experts, is an ideal course to learn about preparing specimens and getting the best from Electron microscopes. It enables students and early career scientists to get hands on experience … Read More

Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre praises EM Resolutions

EM Resolutions report on the use of their support films in use at the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre. CAIC, the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre, is a core resource in advanced light and electron microscopy for the School of Biological Sciences in the University of Cambridge. It has some 200 registered users and around 75 of those are electron microscopists. Those … Read More

MIDSEM 15th June 2016

MIDSEM June2016

EM Resolutions attended the annual MIDSEM meeting at the University of Birmingham, Department of Metallurgy and Materials. A interesting range of talks covering the use of Electron Microscopy in Industrial environments and Art galleries.

Take the TEM grid challenge

We invite all Electron Microscopists to take up this challenge to move 15 copper TEM grids from a random pile to an ordered line on a glass microscope slide. This is a key skill required for the preparation of high quality support films and specimens for TEM. Try it and see if you can beat our time!

RMS EM Section 50th Anniversary – January 2016

EM Resolutions supported the two day meeting of the Royal Microscopical Society held at Rothamsted Research Centre. On the first day a series of talks reviewed many of the the advances made in Electron Microscopy over the last 50 years. Day 2 saw the first EM-UK facility managers meeting with a series of talks on the challenges of running a … Read More

SEMT meeting December 2015

EM Resolutions attended the annual SEMT one day meeting, held at the Natural History Museum in London. Throughout the day there were a wide range of topics covering new developments with with a great opportunity to network with fellow Elecrtron Microscopists. Dr Farid Tariq from Imperial College London gave a fascinating presentation on failure analysis in fuel cells and discussed … Read More

Microscopy and Analysis Conference 2015, University of Bath

EM Resolutions attended this excellent one day event at the University of Bath. Speakers included Dr Tom Scott from the Interface Analysis Centre at University of Bristol, speaking about the use of FIB SEM, which included a great account of how our Kleindiek SEMGlu is opening up new ways of manipulating nanoparticles. He showed how it is possible to isolate … Read More

New Bio-standards for Transmission Electron Microscopy coming soon

The National Physical Laboratory and EM Resolutions Ltd are co-developing protein nanostructures as calibration standards for TEM. The new standards which will fill a much needed gap in the 2nm range of resolution standards. We believe they will be especially useful for users of TEM in Life Sciences and will compliment our existing range of TEM and SEM resolution standards … Read More

SEMT One Day Meeting at School of Pharmacy London

The SEMT one day meeting at the School of Pharmacy, UCL was well attended, with delegates treated to an excellent range of talks. Dr Neil Wilson presented the latest work at the University of Warwick on the use of Graphene for TEM support films. Other talks included the use of TEM in the diagnosis of renal disease and the use … Read More

Cambridge Microscopy Network

EM Resolutions was pleased to attend the first meeting of the Cambridge Microscopy Network (CMN) in Saffron Walden recently (15/10/14). A small group of microscopists from in and around Cambridge met up over drinks and a meal to discuss all things microscopy related. It was good timing, following the announcements of Nobel Prize winners using microscopes. There was plenty of … Read More