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We are EM Resolutions

Our Story

At EM Resolutions, we take great pride in our role as manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality TEM Support Films and Standards for Electron Microscopy.

Our production lab is based on Keele University’s Science & Innovation Park, a leading development of it’s kind in the UK. We fully utilise the innovative businesses, academic expertise, and business support and research surrounding us.

Our mission is to deliver a reliable and personal service to our customers, providing a comprehensive range of EM consumables from reputable brands worldwide to supplement our own TEM support films.

Exceptional Quality

EM Resolutions was founded on a commitment to produce and deliver the highest quality range of TEM Support Films; assisting users to get the best results from their Electron Microscope. With 25 years of manufacturing experience, the highest level of quality was our ultimate priority. Today, our team use their expertise to manufacture the highest quality films possible; inspecting every single grid made in our lab to ensure optimal results for our customers.

Innovation through Industry Knowledge

Backed by a combined experience of over 50 years in the Microscopy industry, the EM Resolutions team use extensive knowledge of product placement and distribution to provide the best service and advice possible for our customers. As a small but growing company we can be dynamic with our product range and support innovative research by Electron Microscopists. We continuously strive to improve imaging for EM users by working on development projects; one example of which is our collaboration with Warwick University for the production of the best Graphene Oxide support film coatings in the world.

Offering Incredible Customer Service

Our customers are at the centre of everything that we do. We provide a friendly, efficient service with competitive pricing and are proud to offer something different within our industry. We often work directly with our customers to develop products that suit their specific requirements; a service that we know can be hard to find elsewhere.