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We recognise the significance of collaboration and building strong relationships with organizations that share our dedication to advancing TEM technology.

Through strategic partnerships, we strive to leverage the expertise and resources of industry leaders to continually enhance our TEM support films and meet the evolving needs of researchers and scientists worldwide.

Warwick University

Warwick is a leading university, somewhere forward-looking and ambitious, where the starting point is always ‘anything is possible’. Respected for boundary-breaking research for teaching and business collaborations – their pursuit of excellence and intellectual curiosity is tireless. They strive to lead rather than follow, and are renowned for their entrepreneurialism and cosmopolitan outlook.


Founded in 1999, Quantifoil Micro Tools GmbH was the first commercial manufacturer of electron microscopy support films of predefined hole size and arrangement and continues to set the global standard. Their cryo-EM sample supports have been cited in more than 4,000 peer-reviewed publications, and are essential to cryo-EM workflows worldwide. Becoming part of SPT Labtech in 2019, Quantifoil has continued to flourish and our grids are utilised in every area of science, from semiconductor studies and lithium ion battery development to drug discovery for diseases including cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders.


Over the past decade, SiMPore has developed and offered industry-leading silicon nanomembranes and BioMEMS technologies to researchers furthering the fields of life and materials sciences. SiMPore strives to be a competitive membrane company and nanotechnology company in the USA. SiMPore’s goal is to create products that bring significant value to society, its customers, employees and investors, and to do so with precision, passion and quality. SiMPore promises its innovative products will deliver superior data and superior outcomes by enabling precise capture and information-rich analysis of nanoscale specimens.



St Ives in Cambridgeshire has been the home of MICRO-ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS LTD since it was founded in April 1981 by George Taylor and 2 associates; manufacturing Reference and Calibration standards for Electron Microscopy users worldwide. With a comprehensive background within Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy as well as Microprobe analysis George was able to guide MICRO-ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS LTD to becoming an established market leader within this field.