We work with global partners who specialise in providing high quality products and a high level of customer service and support to Electron Microscopists.


emgrid logoEmgrid Australia Pty Ltd have extensive experience in specimen preparation techniques and products associated with electron microscopy and histology.

They offer specialized attention to customers and provide sound technical advice and assistance when required.

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd
8 Timbertop Court, Gulfview Heights, SA 5096, Australia
Phone +61 8 8250 3687
Fax +61 8 8250 3698

Gilder Grids – UK

glidergridsFor over 35 years the Gilder Grids company has been engaged in the manufacture and development of small precision electro-formed and etched metal components and ultra-fine mesh products. Their TEM grids have a reputation for high quality and well defined grid bars.

Gilder Grids Ltd.
Withambrook Industrial Park
Londonthorpe Road
NG31 9ST

Firma Christine Groepl – Austria


Instruments for Sample Preparation
Spares and Accessories for Electron- and Light Microscopy

Telephone: +43 2272/631 77 • Fax: +43 2272/631 77-4
E-Mail: christine.groepl.elmi@christine-groepl.com
Frauenhofnerstrasse 40 • A-3430 Tulln, Austria

Website http://www.christine-groepl.com/english/electron-microscopy.html

Jing Teng Tech Limited – Taiwan

JingTechLogoJing Teng Tech Ltd.,

Website: http://emtech.com.tw

Contact: Jimmy Liu JimmyLiu@emtech.com.tw

Tel: +886 2 8911-1370

Labsoft- Poland

LabsoftLABSOFT – Krzysztof Herman

ul. Wantule 12
02-828 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 213 11 86
Fax: +48 22 853 27 93

e-mail: info@labsoft.pl

Micro to Nano – The Netherlands

Micro to Nano specialising in innovative, practical and useful microscopy supplies for electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques. With a combined experience of over 50 years in electron microscopy, sample preparation, imaging technology and product distribution they have a deep understanding of the needs of customers.
Micro To Nano
Micro to Nano
Wateringweg 79
2031 EK Haarlem

Netherlands: +31 (0)85 2013155+31 (0)85 2013155
Germany: +49 (0)322- 21092676+49 (0)322- 21092676
Switzerland: +41 (0)43-5086099+41 (0)43-5086099


TEM windows.com – USA

TEMTEMwindows.com manufactures a range state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy windows that enable researchers to characterize nanoscale materials and biological specimens using TEM imaging. TEMwindows.com is a division of SiMPore Inc., a nanotechnology company located in Rochester, New York.

150 Lucius Gordon Drive, Suite 121
West Henrietta, NY 14586, USA


Waki – Japan

Waki Company Japan Co., Ltd.
e-mail: sales@waki-bg.jp
TEL:81-47-309-8312 Fax:81-47-309-8313
Address:7-10-25 Koganehara, Matsudo-City, Chiba-Pref. Japan ,Postal code:270-0021

WAKI COMPANY JAPAN CO., LTD. supports research and development through the variety of products and service related to nanotechnology.