EM-Storr vacuum sample storage container for SEM pin stubs



Container for storage of SEM pin stubs under vacuum. Ideal for storage of a range of pin stub sizes ass well as calibration standards. Holds 19 x Ø12.5mm or 7 x Ø25.0mm or 2 x Ø32mm
or 1 x Ø38/Ø50/Ø63mm pin stubs. Several EM-Storr’s can be stacked on top of each other for space saving.

The EM-Storr is constructed using high vacuum design guidelines and high vacuum compatible materials:
• Vacuum grade aluminium, protective anodised coating only outside the vacuum chamber

• Hardened safety glass lid Ø100mm x10mm; specified to withstand 7 bar

• NBR O-ring with size: Ø85mm x Ø5mm cross section

• Silicon O-ring to hold the pin stubs firmly in place

• All metal high vacuum valve with PTFE shaft seal and 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose connection

• Hard anodised outside for protection.

• Inside surface is machined vacuum grade aluminium with a glass lid to reduce outgassing and to hold vacuum for extended periods.

Chamber dimension Ø80 x 15mm Overall 120x120x42mm