SEM stubs and mounts

See our range of SEM stubs, mounting adhesives and storage boxes and tubes

SEM calibration standards

Gold on Carbon resolution standards (SGC range) with their varying sized gaps between gold crystals on a carbon substrate allow tests for resolution to be made under actual SEM operating conditions.

Tin on Carbon resolution standards (STC range) are an industry standard for resolution, astigmatism and image shift measurements for SEMs. The relatively high atomic number of tin gives the spheres high contrast against the carbon substrate. Tin on Carbon standards are available in two sphere size ranges.

FIB lift-out grids

  • EM-Tec FIB grids are available in copper and molybdenum, providing a secure way to attach TEM lamellas during lift-out procedures with FIB or SEM/FIB systems.
  • Available in multiple post configurations,¬†compatible with all standard 3mm TEM grid holders.
  • EM-Tec FIB grids have a number etched into the left side of the grid to distinguish front and back and corresponding to the number of posts. For easy identification, there are unique symbols beneath each post.