The EM-Tec M-10 Silicon grid magnification calibration standard with a 10µm pitch grid pattern is useful for calibration or image distortion assessments in the magnification range of 100x to 1000x. It is intended for use in SEM, table top SEM, FIB, Auger, SIMS and reflected light microscopy.

The 3x3mm standard has lines directly etched in a conductive ultra-flat silicon substrate. Lines are 300nm deep with a width of 300nm for 10µm lines and 400nm for 100µm lines. It can be supplied unmounted or on a stub of choice.

This standard is NIST traceable and can be supplied with a wafer level certificate of traceability.

 Small specimens can be placed direction on the grid pattern for immediate calibration or integrated calibration in the image. Alternatively it can be supplied in combination with our resolution standards on the same stub.