Adhesive Carbon tabs for SEM/ FIB applications

Double sided adhesive Carbon tabs, also known as sticky tabs, are a quick and easy way to produce a conductive attachment layer between a specimen and a SEM stub. Ideal for examining uncoated small specimens. The discs are pressed onto a specimen stub before removing the backing material and placing the specimen to be examined. Available in three sizes: 9,12 and 25mm diameter.
Carbon tabs are also available already on a stub of your choice where time saving is of the essence.

Single sided conductive copper tapes for SEM / FIB applications

Single sided conductive copper tapes are indispensable for making ground contacts between the sample surface and SEM stub or SEM sample holder.  The tape is made from soft copper foil which is easily moulded to follow the shape of the sample. Highly electrically conductive tape with conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Resistance through adhesive is <1 Ohm with a high initial tack to provide good conductivity. Conductive side covered with siliconized backing paper. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Tape material Copper, 99.98% purity
Adhesive  Conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
Copper tape thickness 0.035mm
Adhesive thickness  0.025mm
Total tape thickness 0.06mm
Backing paper thickness 0.14mm
Resistance <1 Ohm
Adhesive strength  14N / 25mm
Tape strength   45N / mm
Use temperature range -10 to +120 °C
Core diameter  76mm (3”)