TEM Support Films / Coated Grids

Including Carbon, Holey carbon, Lacey carbon, Formvar, Formvar Carbon and Graphene oxide.

FIB lift out grids

The new EM-Tec range of FIB lift-out grids provides a secure way to attach TEM lamella prepared with Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) instruments. Available in multiple post configurations, with a shape optimized for easy accessibility, EM-Tec FIB grids are compatible with all standard 3 mm TEM grid holders.

Silicon TEM windows

In addition to our extensive range of conventional TEM support films we are pleased to offer Silicon membranes from TEMwindows.com. TEM windows are available in Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Pure Silicon.

TEM grids

EM Resolutions is pleased to offer a wide range of high quality grids from Gilder grids. Gilder Grids are world renowned for their high quality grids and a firm favourite of EM Resolutions Ltd for making our support films and coated grids. Available in Copper, Copper/Palladium, Nickel, Gold and Molybdenum

Calibration Standards

With over 20 years’ experience making resolution standards, our range of test specimens for TEM calibration is unsurpassed for high quality. Manufactured in our own laboratory, each batch is checked on our in house TEM before being prepared for delivery to our customers.

DiATOME diamond knives

DiATOME have a long and unsurpassed reputation for high quality diamond knives for a wide range of sectioning applications. EM Resolutions Ltd is pleased to offer the full range of DiATOME products to our customers in Britain and Ireland.