Gilder_logoEM Resolutions offers a wide range of high quality TEM grids from Gilder grids. 

Gilder Grids are world renowned for their high quality grids and a firm favourite of EM Resolutions Ltd for making our support films and coated grids. Available in a range of styles and mesh sizes in Copper, Copper/Palladium, Nickel, Gold and Molybdenum.

TEM grids

Did you know that a typical 300 square mesh grid has 728 complete square holes and 82 partial holes.

A typical 300 hexagonal mesh grid has 925 complete holes and 78 partial ones effectively giving 14% greater viewing area across the grid compared to the equivalent square mesh.


Square mesh

The standard grid type for a wide range of TEM applications a range of mesh sizes from 50 – 600.


Hexagonal mesh

An excellent alternative to the square mesh grid pattern. A hexagon pattern gives greater strength making it a good choice for routine use.


Fine hexagonal

Exceptionally fine mesh from 1000 to 2000. Can be useful for viewing particles for cryo-TEM.



Our support films are available on a range of finder grids enabling return to a previously viewed location on a thin electron transparent support.



Useful as a support for serial sections where grid bars would obscure section detail. Select from the range of slot sizes to suit the width of the sections

parallel bar grid2_100x100

Parallel bar

Useful for sequential ribbons of sections. Available with or without a middle cross bar.

folding grid_100x100

Folding / Double grids

Sometimes known as Oyster or sandwich grids. These are useful for materials and large particles that do not adhere to a flat grid surface and need to be sandwiched between two grid meshes.


Aperture / Hole grids

Aperture or hole grids as they are sometimes known come with a range of single hole sizes.

Grid box 100_100x100

Grid storage

Grid boxes keep grids protected both for routine handling and storage. Their ease of use makes them ideal for handling and viewing grids and the high packing density and compact flat shape make them well suited to long term storage.