Finder grids provide an excellent means of re-locating features of interest across the grid area, particularly for correlative microscopy studies.
Two new designs of finder grid help to improve the re-location of features of interest. Manufactured with unique crenelated grid bars to assist navigation, each grid is divided into blocks, either with a number or letter for ease of identification.

  • The TG300F1 is based on a 300 mesh grid and uses blocks of 25 (5×5) grid cells bounded by crenelated bars. Each block of grid cells has a central letter from A to Y as an identifier.
  • The TG400F1 is based on a finer 400 mesh grid using blocks of 36 (6×6) grid cells bounded by thicker crenelated grid bars. Each block of 36 cells has a central number from 1 to 32 for identification purposes.

All Finder grids are also available from EM Resolutions coated with a holey or lacey carbon support film.