Square mesh grids are the most popular type of grid. Comprising 13 types with mesh repeat values ranging from 50 lines/inch to 600 lines/inch. Available in Copper, Copper Palladium, Nickel and Gold. 100 and 200 mesh are also available in Molybdenum.
The overall thickness of the grid depends on the mesh repeat. As a general guide the lower the mesh repeat, the thicker the grid.
The variation in thickness and bar/hole width in a population of 100 grids (1 vial) again increases with a lower mesh repeat.

Examples of overall thickness variation :
• G50 : 25 microns, +/- 5 microns
• G600TT : 6 microns, +/- 2 microns

Grids with the suffix TH – have thicker grid bars.
TT – represents grids with varying bar widths in a ‘thick thin’ pattern.
T – indicates a  ‘handle’ or tabbed grid.