EM Resolutions Provides Customised Holey Carbon TEM Support Films for the Application of Graphene Oxide.

Bright field TEM image showing monolayer GO suspended across holey carbon film. Inset shows selected-area diffraction pattern of local area, confirming the presence of monolayer GO.

Since the launch of our Graphene Oxide (GO) Support films in 2014, EM Resolutions has been keen to maintain a high quality product that can adapt to meet the needs of our varied customer base. Many EM users have been keen to exploit the incredible properties of GO that allow the GO Support film to be almost transparent under the electron beam. GO Supports are also hydrophilic and therefore do not need to be plasma cleaned before applying a specimen/sample for inspection. Due to increasing interest and popularity, the production and purchase of GO has become much more accessible in recent years. However, users often struggle to apply/drop their GO solution onto a standard Holey/Lacey Carbon Support due to inappropriate hole size to support a monolayer GO film.

Due to our expertise in manufacturing GO Support Films, EM Resolutions is now able to offer a customised Holey Carbon Support with reduced hole size and thicker carbon that will also withstand plasma cleaning before the application of GO by users. Our customised Holey Carbon Supports will help to gain a higher percentage of GO monolayer and higher overall coverage due to the ability of the smaller holes to support single flakes of GO which cannot be achieved with a standard Holey Support.

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